Card maker based on the trading card game Magic: The Gathering!

This is a simple but useful app to make your life better, make funny cards in only microsecond. 

The powers you can unleash with this app are:

  • Make a card with a picture of your own.
  • If you hablas Ñ language don't worry! You puedes cambiar the language!
  • A variety of mana! (Mono colored, duo and phyrexian ).
  • Upload your own icon or use one of a recent set or don't use anything you pervert!
  • Each time you launch it a new background appears!

Make your teachers at the Tolarian School proud of you, start making your own cards NOW!

Published 5 days ago
AuthorMaster Pose
GenreCard Game
Made withConstruct
TagsGenerator, Magic, maker, mtg

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